Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The legend of the Lemming

OK, so we know what about what Lemmings are. The small rodents that cover a vast amount of the world. North America, Northern Europe and Southern remote parts af the nothern tundra. We get the game about these little animals jumping off of cliffs from a Scandinavian legend that states these little rodents come from the heavens and run aross the plain eating every inch of vegitation. Eventually multiplying to large number the run a-muck until the reach the edge of the world and jump off the cliffs into the sea. This isn't true. Lemmings are known for thesse little antics because the will migrate due to overpopulation and are so detirmined that they will even attempt to cross rivers in order to achieve their goals thus resulting in a sucide mission.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The lemming story...visited.

Lemmings are, in my opinion, the strangest animals I've ever heard of. Urban legend states that they will willingly commit suicide in order to reduce the overpopluation problem in thier society. Lemmings have even gained other forms of popularity in socoiety such as reaching the old sega genesis console with a game about Lemmings....and how you make then die by jumping off a cliff or into water.(ahhh the 90's...^_^) Anyways, I really hope I'll be great source of information AND entertainment to my readers. Hopefully, I will be able to discover more on such an interesting creature. This is truly one of god's mysteries...heheheh.