Sunday, December 12, 2004

Life style

Most Lemmings that live in the Tundra do not hibernate like most animals. Instead, they remain active and burrow underground to searc for food and living space. They are solitary by nature, but like most rodents, they have a high reproductive rate. Along with a booming population growth, there is are subsequent population crashes. 'This has made the animal alomost ledgendary." In fact, the behavior of lemmings is much the same as that of many other rodents which have periodic population booms and then disperse in all directions, seeking the food and shelter that their natural habitat cannot provide. The Disney film. White Wilderness, depicts these animals running off cliffs in a mass suicidal march. Hence the games and speculation about these rodents.

The rodents

Those of you wondering about the real animal and still haven't been informed enought, I have the solution. Here's some natural facts about the Lemming."Lemmings are small rodents with a stocky body, short legs and short ears. They get up to 15 centimeters tall. There are four genera: Lemmus: true lemmings, synaptomus: bog lemmings, dicrostonyx: collared lemmings, and myopus, wood lemmings. Most species live in the arctic tundra and taiga of Northern Europe, Asia, Canada and Alaska." Lemmings eat grass, little shrubs and moss. They are eaten by arctic foxes, snowy owls and other animals.

Lemmings game (pt. 2) 3D lemmings

Ok, so after a few years at the drawing board, software developers have created the forst 3D lemmngs game."Released in 1995. This game has three-dimensional levels. The lemmings can move in any direction and there are four different cameras which can be placed freely that let you choose from where you want to look at the level. Another feature is the 'Virtual Lemming' mode that lets you look through the eyes of a lemming." The game was released on PC and playstation.,1910/

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The lemmings game #1

Hey again! After extensive research, I can finally do a review on the lemmings game. The aim of the game is to guide a number of lemmings from the entrace to the exit in each level. The player can assign different tasks to a few of them, like digging, mining, blocking other lemmings and so on. This was a very popular game which was released in 1990 as a computer game. Ever since, it has made may sequels on such game consoles as the Super Nintendo and Sega.
<> Heres the flash version of the game to give you an idea of what it's like.,683/

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The legend of the Lemming

OK, so we know what about what Lemmings are. The small rodents that cover a vast amount of the world. North America, Northern Europe and Southern remote parts af the nothern tundra. We get the game about these little animals jumping off of cliffs from a Scandinavian legend that states these little rodents come from the heavens and run aross the plain eating every inch of vegitation. Eventually multiplying to large number the run a-muck until the reach the edge of the world and jump off the cliffs into the sea. This isn't true. Lemmings are known for thesse little antics because the will migrate due to overpopulation and are so detirmined that they will even attempt to cross rivers in order to achieve their goals thus resulting in a sucide mission.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The lemming story...visited.

Lemmings are, in my opinion, the strangest animals I've ever heard of. Urban legend states that they will willingly commit suicide in order to reduce the overpopluation problem in thier society. Lemmings have even gained other forms of popularity in socoiety such as reaching the old sega genesis console with a game about Lemmings....and how you make then die by jumping off a cliff or into water.(ahhh the 90's...^_^) Anyways, I really hope I'll be great source of information AND entertainment to my readers. Hopefully, I will be able to discover more on such an interesting creature. This is truly one of god's mysteries...heheheh.